Essential Guide: Locating and Operating Your Isolation Valve in Tunbridge Wells

Knowing how to locate and operate your isolation valve is crucial for every homeowner, especially in emergencies or for future plumbing projects. Here’s a guide tailored for residents in Tunbridge Wells:

Isolation Valve Basics:

It’s essential for residents of Tunbridge Wells to familiarise themselves with their isolation valve. This valve controls the water supply to your home, and knowing its location and how to operate it can prevent water damage in emergencies.

Locating Your Isolation Valve:

  • Ask the Previous Owner: If you’re new to a property, ask the previous owner for the isolation valve’s location. They might provide valuable insight.
  • Common Locations: Check under the kitchen sink, under the stairs near the front door, or any accessible boxing with an access panel. These are common areas where isolation valves are installed.
  • Outside the Property: If you can’t locate the valve inside, look for a stop tap or plastic lever outside the property, usually in the street. It may have “water” or “SEW” (South East Water) markings on the lid.

Operatione Tips:

  • Manual Operation: The valve should turn by hand or with a small spanner if necessary. Test it periodically to ensure smooth operation.
  • Contact Field Plumbing: If you’re unable to locate the isolation valve or if it’s faulty, contact Field Plumbing, trusted plumbers in Tunbridge Wells. They can investigate and provide tailored solutions for your property’s needs.
  • Water Company Assistance: If the outside valve is malfunctioning, contact the water company. They’re responsible for ensuring proper isolation in the street.

By knowing the location and operation of your isolation valve, you can safeguard your home against potential water emergencies. For professional assistance or further inquiries, contact Field Plumbing in Tunbridge Wells

Posted on May 2nd, 2024